Monday, September 1, 2014

Just keep me where the light is

I am sitting here in my air-conditioned living room on this soggy, fog-enshrouded Labor Day morning. I’ve just returned home after spending a quiet weekend with friends in NJ and George and I left this morning, like we often do, before anyone was awake.  (I like to leave early and get ahead of the traffic. And I always leave a nice note.)

It was not foggy in Jersey this morning, but it sure was in Maryland and Delaware. A storm had come through last night and we watched it from the screened porch. It was beautiful and eventually the hard rain turned into a soft patter. And the lightning continued.

Driving home this morning, I could see how far the rain had spread. My driveway was saturated, but luckily no big branches were down. After I unpacked, I made some coffee and took a cup outside with me. I filled the feeders, brought out my camera and took these photos you see here.


DSC_3054 copy 2

I was trying for hummingbirds but when the Mourning Doves arrived, I adjusted the camera settings and turned my lens to them.

Doves tend to mate for life, and I always see them in pairs. They can live for a long time and I read once that the oldest known Mourning Dove was over 31 years old.


DSC_3057 copy 2

They make a whistling sound when they take off and they didn’t stay on the tree for very long. But I was glad to have them stop by to welcome me home.

I missed being here.

School got off to a good start last week, I believe, and I’m looking forward to the year. But it’s just a little sad to say goodbye to summertime.

Just a little, mind you.

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The post title was taken from lyrics to John Mayer’s ‘Gravity’ which I listened to at one point while driving home this morning.

To read more about Mourning Doves, visit {here}.

And thank you, as ever, for stopping by. It’s always nice have visitors ~

Sunday, August 24, 2014

New beginnings

School starts tomorrow, marking the culmination of half of everything we worked for this summer. The other half was spent closing out the old year. So it’s back to the beginning of another year, back to wearing proper attire and actual jewelry, back to 2-day weekends, and back to being interrupted several hundred times during the day.

Maybe if I looked at it in a different light, the interrupting thing wouldn’t be so hard. Right? It will be good to see all my co-workers again and all the children. It should be a good week. Let’s hope ~


DSC_2655 copy 2

I got my chores done on Saturday and then went outside to take some photos. Caught this little hummingbird resting for a few seconds on the little swing I set up in the bush for them. I never see them sitting in the swing and if I do, they depart as quickly as they come.

However, while on the phone with my sister-in-law over the weekend, there were several of them hovering around said swing and they were even taking turns sitting on it. And there I was without the camera. D-oh!!


DSC_2797 copy 2

The flowers are pretty much on the wane, but these petunias on the back patio still look pretty.


DSC_2934 copy 2

I was thinking of taking down the wire my husband rigged up several years ago to squirrel-proof the bird feeders. I am going to take it down, I’ve decided. Just not today.

I should have taken a photo of my car. I washed it by hand rather than taking it to the car wash, then vacuumed it, washed all the rubber mats, cleaned the windows and the trim. I was thinking of waxing it too, but I needed a nap after all that work.

No, I’m kidding. But I sure was tired.


DSC_2627 copy 2

My beautiful boy, George.


DSC_2628 copy 2

I did not just call him Boy George.


DSC_2529 copy 2


Until next time, my friends.

Thanks always, for your visits.

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Friday, August 22, 2014

New fall movies

It’s no secret how much I love good cinematic escape. Today I stumbled on a link that took me to so many movies that are coming out between Sept. and Christmas. I’ve posted a few here but seriously – you need to visit the link below. Some of them look fantastic.

30 Fantastic Movies You Can’t Miss This Fall


The Theory of Everything

The story of Stephen Hawking. It’s a love story, which isn’t really my cup of tea, but it looks extremely interesting. In theaters Nov. 7.


Inherent Vice

I really need to read the book because I might not be able to wait until December 12 to see this movie. I love a good detective flick and this one takes place in during the psychodelic 60’s in California. I hope the soundtrack is groovy.


The Judge

Robert Downey, Jr. as a hotshot lawyer and Robert Duvall as his estrange father, a judge who has been accused of murder. Count me in. Release date is Oct. 10.


The Skeleton Twins

I love Kristen Wiig and she stars here with her old Saturday Night Live co-star, Bill Hader. They play twins who haven’t seen each other for ten years and initial reviews have deemed their performances to be knockouts. In theaters Sept. 12.


St. Vincent

Bill Murray at his curmudgeonly best. In theaters Oct. 24.


:   :   :


Hope you liked ~

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Weekend bliss

It was an absolutely beautiful weekend. I met my brother, Pete, and his family down at the Jersey Shore where they have their RV campsite. They also invited our other brother, Steve, who is Pete’s twin. We had a wonderful time.

On Friday, we went crabbing near Sea Isle City and most of the photos in this post were taken there.


DSC_2496 copy 2


DSC_2504 copy 2



DSC_2371 copy 2

Across the roadway, herons and egrets were out in full force. It was just beautiful.

Wish I had a longer lens, though.


DSC_2492 copy 2


DSC_2427 copy 2


DSC_2412 copy 2


DSC_2435 copy 2


Back at the campsite . . .

DSC_2346 copy 2

My niece is laughing because her younger brother came over to lie down in the hammock with her and within moments was sound asleep. He was probably exhausted from all the fun he’s been having. I just thought it was a cute photo and sincerely hope he isn’t embarrassed by it.


DSC_2517 copy 2

It was well worth the trip just to see my brothers laughing, fishing, and having a good time. I’m so glad Pete and his wife (hi, Patty) invited us!


Until later, my friends . . .

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