Tuesday, July 15, 2014

These are the days

It’s a rainy evening and I just finished my dinner of leftovers while catching up on the latest episode of Longmire, my favorite tv show at the moment. For dinner, I had {this} and, oh my, was it ever good.

George has come out from his hiding place to play a little fetch with me. He’s been comfortably ensconced behind a table in the living room because he could hear the distant booming of thunder and he could see the occasional flash of lightning. But he can see I’m on my computer right now, so he’s silently waiting for me to get done.

I had a fun weekend although I had to leave my little buddy at home with my son. I don’t like doing this and I try to only go places that I can bring him. But sometimes it’s kind of impossible.

20140712_124740 copy 2

I went to Philadelphia to visit with friends after picking up my friend, Karen, in NJ. Here we are going over the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge.


20140711_200348 copy 2

We went to the Keswick Theater to see Natalie Merchant.


20140711_214532 copy 2

And she was fabulous.

Karen and I went down to the stage toward the end of the concert. When Natalie Merchant and her band came out for the encore, people began giving her gifts and she was so thankful and surprised, it seemed, that she ran backstage and came out with 3 trays of chocolates. I was right at the far edge of the stage and she ran to me first, opened the chocolates and told me to take one. Wow!


20140711_221236 copy 2

The security guards wouldn’t allow anyone to take photos so I stood behind a column and got this one above. It’s kind of crappy but there you go.

I had so much fun! I loved 10,000 Maniacs when she was the lead singer for them and then she left to pursue a solo career in 1993.

This is from when she was with 10,000 Maniacs.


And this is from her first solo album, Tigerlily, in 1995. Loved that one.


20140711_225627 copy 2

The moon was full, the night was fun, and it was good to be out and about with long-time friends. And I still cannot believe that I didn’t get to bed until after two in the morning . . .



The next day, Karen and I went swimming at her sister-in-law’s house. No one was home, but they knew we were coming. It was so very very nice floating in the cold water on a hot summer’s day.

Huge sigh.

Sometimes it just feels like everything is ok.

You know?

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I was born in the arms of imaginary friends

I love that line from John Mayer’s ‘Half of My Heart’ – and it’s the only real reason I’m using it as my post title today. I heard it on the way home from work this afternoon and it’s been stuck in my mind ever since.

I was born in the arms of imaginary friends.

Free to roam, made a home out of everywhere I’d been . . .

Oh, half of my heart’s got a grip on the situation

half of my heart takes time . . .


DSC_0016 copy 2

The photos in this post were all taken from the top of Mt. Battie in Camden, Maine, a couple of weeks ago. Two of my sisters and I left my house a day early on our vacation, planning to stop and visit my friends, Reena & Ralph Walkling, who have a home in Rockport. They drove us to nearby Camden and the top of Mt. Battie in order to give us a better perspective of the area.

Did you know that Camden and Mt. Desert Island are the only two places along the Atlantic Ocean where the mountains meet the sea?


DSC_0002 copy 2

The views were extraordinary from up there.


DSC_0028 copy 2

Reena and Ralph.


DSC_0023 copy 2

DSC_0030 copy 2

I met Reena blogging. We found that we both shared a love of photography, specifically landscape, nature, and bird portraits. To see her beautiful photography, you can visit her at {missing moments}.

DSC_0001 copy 2

The clouds were fabulous that day. I took this photo from the top of the tower.


DSC_0009 copy 2DSC_0014 copy 2

DSC_9996 copy 2

Me, Ginny, and Char.


 DSC_0013 copy 2

The famous poet, Edna St. Vincent Millay, made her home in Camden and was inspired by the beauty of the hills when at 18, she wrote her first poem, “Renascence”. There is a commemorative plaque at the top of the mountain that honors her.


DSC_0053 copy 2

Maine is just so beautiful and it keeps calling my name ~


Thanks for coming by today.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Blackwoods Cottage, Otter Creek ME

I have just returned from a week at Blackwoods Cottage in Otter Creek Maine where I spent the most wonderful time. Our weather was perfect and the cottage was absolutely charming in an old-fashioned Maine kind of way.

DSC_0263 copy 2

Driving from Bar Harbor to Seal Harbor, along Rte. 3, the cottage is the last dwelling on the left before you come to the Blackwoods Campground main road. It has three bedrooms, one with a very comfortable queen bed, one with two twins, and one with a daybed.


IMG_20140622_081907 copy 2The front porch was our favorite hang-out spot. It stayed cool in the shade and the bushes and trellis gave us some privacy from the main road.


DSC_0178 copy 2DSC_0177 copy 2

Lots of special little touches at this place.


DSC_0158 copy 2

This is the little side porch off of the dining room.


DSC_0257 copy 2

Standing in the backyard, you can see that the lupines were in full bloom. You can also see the chairs around the fire pit. Wood is sold all along the road which made it easy for us.


DSC_0504 copy 2DSC_0490 copy 2

Rather than let the flowers go to waste, we cut some and put them in a few of the many vases the owner has.


DSC_0793 copy 2

The dining room with a piano that could use a tuning. But this is certainly not a complaint.


DSC_0146 copy 2DSC_0148 copy 2

The wood on the walls, ceilings, and floors is perfect for this place as are all the decorative accouterments.


DSC_0149 copy 2

Taken from the stairway (please excuse our mess).


DSC_0796 copy 2

The well-equipped kitchen was adorable in a retro kind of way. The frig was just a little cumbersome because the door to the porch is right next to it, as well as the laundry cupboard. But we didn’t care! We were in Maine, and it was just so beautiful.


DSC_0184 copy 2

What a cool-looking oven and stove! The kitchen was very nicely appointed, and outside on the porch, there’s a gas grill with a burner included on it. We used the cottage lobster pot to steam our lobsters outside.


DSC_0799 copy 2DSC_0800 copy 2

Beautiful wood everywhere lends such warmth to the place.

:   :   :

Bottom Line: I would stay here again. This place was absolutely charming. There are two drawbacks for families to consider, however. One is the proximity to the road. Rte. 3 runs right next to the cottage (you can see it in the first photo above). It’s a well-travelled road, but oddly enough, the cars never bothered us. This is probably due to the privacy lent by the big lilac bushes and the trellis of morning glories along the side and front of the porch. The second drawback is that there is no bathroom on the first floor. But I believe there are plans to add one.

I would definitely recommend this cottage as a vacation rental. Acadia National Park is all around it, and a trailhead is right across the street. Perfection!


DSC_0266 copy 2


For more information, visit the website:

Blackwoods Cottage


Respectfully submitted,

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

A visit to Lili’s place in Sorrento

I’ve returned home from my trip to Maine and still have several photos to share with you. I went to visit my friend, Lili, while I was there.

I met Lili Vansluys in 2011 after talking with her for over a year online. At the time, she was writing about her life in Sorrento, Maine via her blog, Fearless Nesting, and I loved seeing her part of the world year-round. A couple of years ago, she and her husband, Henri, bought a piece of property that was for sale across the street from their home and Lili is now the proud owner of Frenchmans Bay Tea Co. which sits on the property.

DSC_0659 copy 2

She sells antiques, unique treasures and gifts, works of art, shabby chic accessories, and several lovely blends of tea. She also has a reading room in the back where people come to do research on the area. My sisters and I visited her twice while we were in Maine and I could have spent the entire day there reading, perusing the eclectic collection she offers for sale, and especially walking through the cemetery she and her husband are restoring on the property. Yes – a cemetery! (More on this later because I don’t have all the facts surrounding it). Lili, if you’re reading this, you should really do a post on it!

Here are a few photos taken during both of our visits. Some are with the Nikon but most were taken with my cell phone.


DSC_0660 copy 2


20140626_121756 copy 2


20140626_121728 copy 2


20140626_121716 copy 2

We were offered tea, which was delicious, along with little licorice candies that went surprisingly well with the hot beverage.


DSC_0656 copy 2

Outside were many garden accouterments . . .


20140626_130644 copy 2

. . . as well as hand-made pottery fired by Lili and Henri.


20140626_130102 copy 2

My friend, Lili, with two of her grandchildren – delightful little ones who were completely at ease talking with adults and being helpful around the shop. They were both very keen to meet George the dog but I think I’ve mentioned before that George has a fear of children. This is sad because he’s so beautiful and friendly-looking that all children want to pet him. But he is completely spooked by them.

We did spend quite a bit of time at the shop, however, and he eventually warmed to Lili’s grandchildren. They were so good and gentle with him and my sisters and I were very impressed with these two young ladies.


photo 4 copy 2

Lili snapped this photo of me with my ankle up the day after I injured it.


photo 1 copy 2

I could have stayed there for the entire day . . .


photogirls copy 2

She snapped this one of my sisters and I on the day we returned.

:   :   :

Thanks, Lili, for being such a gracious host.

For anyone planning on visiting the Sorrento area, a stop at Frenchmans Bay Tea Co. is so worth a visit. Take Rte. 185 S off of Rte. 1 and travel about 3/4 mile to the little shop on the right hand side of the road. And please tell Lili I sent you!

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